Aparillo Textural Synthesizer

I've just discovered the amazing Aparillo, a textural synthesizer from Sugar Bytes here. A very different kind of synth offering a cinematic quality with complex dynamic modulation. I'm only just finding my way around its many possibilities and it has already become a firm favourite. Here are some example presets.

Faithless - Synthesizer

 Due out October 31 2020 could be an anthem for all us Knobheads

Chordgen 1.1 play one-finger-chords, pad chords and sequencer with Arturia Keylab Mark1

New release of chordgen 1.1 is  here . The original one-finger-chord function is now augmented with pad and sequencer functions. The new Pad function is very like the original pad chord function provided by Arturia's Analog Lab V1. Pads are assigned to chords using a simple text file. Main keys can be played in parallel with pads. The Sequencer function defines chord sequences in a text file and the sequence is advanced by pressing Pad1.

Use the chord pads on an Arturia Keylab Mark1 midi keyboard to actually play chords

For all you Arturia KeyLab Mark 1 users out there that can’t use the pad matrix to play chords here’s a partial solution. The only way to make use of the chord pads that I could find was with Analog Lab1. Subsequent versions dropped chord support so the pad keys became somewhat redundant. Annoyingly the KeyLab Mark2 versions apparently support one-finger-chords. So here’s a bit of python fun for Mark1 users to get some use out of those chord pads after all. In fact the python code should work with any midi keyboard that has built in pads though you may have to figure out what midi messages the pad keys generate. Arturia Keylab makes decoding the pads easy with their Midi Control Centre that configures pad functions. The pads default to playing single notes across the scale on Midi Channel 10 so you don’t need to change anything. If you are using other control templates you need to restore the default pad functions for the python code to work. The python code, pr

Solution to VCV Rack 1.0 installation OpenGL error

I tried to install VCV 1.0 on my laptop only to get an installer error 'OpenGL 2.0 not supported'. OpenGL Extensions Viewer  reports full support for OpenGL 3.1 so go figure. Solution is here however. Download zip file, unzip to a folder and from there run VCV-Rack.cmd, thanks 'pal1000'.

Congratulations VCV Rack on 1.0.0 launch

Terrific new features including easy to use polyphony - just right click on a relevant cable and setup poly for that path. Its  here  of course.

Arturia Pigments, Love it

Arturia's Pigments is a truly great sounding synth with massive capability. The manual is here , its going to take a while to evaluate. Here are a few presets I've played with (the 'Bright and Dark' pad is very Blade Runner 2049)